Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Got Luckyblessed!

 Sweet friend, Heather, assures me we need to blog this!
Tonight was a really fun Relief Society meeting.
We used the concept of Speed Dating
and Speed Chatted, instead

Three minutes to ask and answer questions
BING!  Move to the right

That was lucky enough
Then in the middle Heather approaches me and says she has something for me


Look at that necklace
Is has "LD-style" written all over it
Big, rich colors, substantial, interesting textures
Darn cute
It is too heavy for Heather's injury fragile neck
While I'm sorry to hear that it hurts her neck
I am feeling double luckyblessed to be the recipient of her generosity
It even matches my clothing of the night
THANK YOU sharing friend!

I wasn't done being luckyblessed
My name got pulled out of the ticket pile
 to receive a beautiful notepad for listing making

(Hurrah.... I love list making.  Like I said Sunday in my lesson, I'm writing down "kept her first estate" so I can immediately have something to check off!  Whew. One down, one to go.)

Oh I digress

Let's get a closer look at the decor

Isn't that a beauty!
Isn't Heather amazing?

You can enjoy Heather's blog here


  1. Oh you silly gusher!!! (I love gushing!) I love listening to small voices letting me know who needs service or help or even a necklace. I knew it was you, after I said my sad good byes to my new necklace... but couldn't wait for Sunday to give it to you, so I brought it to our RS Meeting on Tues!

    By the way Lora Dawn...
    -I was born in Bend, OR
    -34 years old
    -6 kids in my family & I am the 3rd daughter of 4.
    -Love warm relaxing vacations.
    -Do not freak out in emergencies.
    -Love adventure, home decorating, vacations, good health, and dressing to my own styles (I'm not a conformist)
    -I have 3 daughters and a son, and a witty husband.
    -Would love to write a book about our crazy life!
    -Just bought a bunny for daughter's bday and she is sooo cute.

    We didn't get to know each other during our speed chatting, so I felt I needed to give you a little ditty. Please leave me a comment and fill me in on the "real" Lora Dawn.

    Hugs to you,
    Heather Ogden

  2. I just love you both! You're both amazing. I feel lucky to have you each in my life. And btw, that necklace is SO cute- and oh so you. Good work Heather.

  3. That was a fun night! I got to know lots of interesting facts about lots of people. And that necklace is so you.