Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh bummer....they started their drive back to Arizona today

The week with the Clawson visit zoomed by super fast
We did fit in some play time though

Maliah and Kyrick
people-ing their own little worlds without end

Water color experiment
Maliah's mommy said "off with the shirt" so it wouldn't get stained with paint
Using scratch paper leftover from my work
it is interesting to me that Maliah
 chose to boundary her own whimsical water color art within the frame designs on the scratch paper
and such a variety of colors she chose

Kyrick filled several papers with his color experiments

Very happy and focused in his play

I bought some thick clear plastic yardage at Walmart
for a table cover
Great investment for a project like this!
Scarf time
Out come the Kool-Aid dyed scarves
We did some juggling and some tossing.......then some dress up
Is that you, Nephi?
Yes, you are totally sweet

Later, he did some bull fighting moves with a bright red scarf

A stylin' outfit for Maliah
where she picked a scarf color that matched her own shirt

Sure was a blessing to have this family visit
We read all the "Carl" books
managed to convince Maliah that the high chair was The Princess Chair
wrestled with the stuffed dogs
and enjoyed sweet hugs
Come again

The phrase below was supposed to be under the bare-chested painter got stuck here at the end and won't
No problem.......til she becomes a teen.....then she's going to hate this carefree captured moment

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  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Mia was telling me all the fun things she got to do with grandma! :) Glad you got to spen time with them!