Monday, November 21, 2011

Mickey Mouse

I haven't blogged about the staff death we had at our school
Too overwhelming

In honor of Julie, we planned a fund raising memorial dinner
Funds raised were to buy an outdoor bench in her honor
(to be placed just outside her classroom)
and extra funds were added to her family's scholarship fund for her children
We as staff were assigned to bring desserts to that spaghetti feed

Our teacher colleague and friend loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse

So in honor of Julie's love for all things Mickey .  . .
I had a brainstorm
Now these do look like mini Moose droppings
but I assure you
they are MOUSE related, instead!

I told you so

Mickey Mouse brownies
ready to go to the school spaghetti feed dinner

 two sizes of Tootsie Roll
slice into wafers
(which squishes them)
 rework them into circles
Disney would be proud

Julie, we miss you

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